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About Us

Lisa Gabriel is available for fitness seminars, group instruction and one on one personal training in your home, gym, church or recreation center. She can also help you set up your own home gym on any budget. "My goal is to help people on many levels reach their own personal goals and enjoy the same benefits I have. The confidence and self esteem that go along with feeling and looking one’s best cannot be measured. So many people, especially women have the idea that weight training builds bulk. So they shy away from weights, losing out on the immense benefits. I have trained with weights most of my life and at 5’7’ tall and 125 lbs., I still wear a size 4!" So much for bulk!

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Above: Age 50
Left: 1993 Natural Atlantic Coast Bodybuilding Championships




Our areas of expertise include:

Core Centered Training
Injury Prevention
Balance Training
Body Toning & Sculpting
Circuit Training
Lifestyle Management
Senior Fitness
Conditioning for Equestrians
Strength Training
Enhanced Performance
Weight Loss
Women’s Health
Young Adult/Youth Fitness


Researchers estimate that obesity accounts for as much as 7 percent of total health costs in industrialized countries. Companies that invest in the health of their employees not only reduce overall health costs, but increase productivity as well. - ACE FitnessMatters, September-October 2006

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