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One of the most fascinating areas that a Personal Fitness coach can help you explore is nutrition. Far more than a method of achieving weight loss, nutritional strategies are essential building blocks in reaching high levels of fitness. What's more, proper nutrition will enable you to maintain your health and attain total wellness.

While most people tend to focus on nutrition only when thinking about losing weight, your Personal Fitness coach will show you how to utilize nutritional skills to achieve maximum energy and vitality. After all, it's important to properly fuel your body in order to reach your fitness goals. To this end, your coach will help you focus on nutrient-rich, energizing foods.

In order to achieve long-term success, your Personal Fitness coach will help you establish new nutritional "habits" that will keep you moving in the right direction. You are what you eat!





Our areas of expertise include:

Core Centered Training
Injury Prevention
Balance Training
Body Toning & Sculpting
Circuit Training
Lifestyle Management
Senior Fitness
Conditioning for Equestrians
Strength Training
Enhanced Performance
Weight Loss
WomenÂ’s Health
Young Adult/Youth Fitness


Researchers estimate that obesity accounts for as much as 7 percent of total health costs in industrialized countries. Companies that invest in the health of their employees not only reduce overall health costs, but increase productivity as well. - ACE FitnessMatters, September-October 2006

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